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Post-Indy 500 Thoughts: My IndyCar Family

And maybe a little withdrawal…

Where to start?  By now you’ve read a million other post-race articles analyzing the race and drivers and the current state of IndyCar, IMS, and the Indy 500.  People have given their opinions on anything and everything from the new road course race, the new concessions, the new tenderloins, the new qualifying format, Carb Day and its craziness, concerts at the track, Legends Day, this year’s rookies, the red flag after Townsend Bell’s crash, Ryden Hunter-Reay, and a million other topics.  I’m not here to write about those things, though a few may get a mention.

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The Craziness of May

And just like that, I look up and it’s been 15 days since I last posted.  Shame on me!  Being busy is not an excuse, but I have been insanely busy this month.  While it’s been a lot of fun, the unfortunate side effect of being so busy is I haven’t had a chance to watch a lot of IndyCar.

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Goodbye, friend

By now most of you have probably read this post from Zack over at IndyCar Advocate.  I had a feeling, when the articles were fewer in recent weeks, something like this would be coming.  I completely understand it–I’ve had other blogs in the past, and eventually they just run their course.  Sometimes it’s because the subject of the blog goes away, sometimes the passion for the topic ebbs, and sometimes you just have to make the right decision for yourself and your family.  It’s the reason I have never established or promised a set schedule of posts for this blog.  Because I want it to remain fun for me, and not something that becomes a chore.

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IndyCar Minnesota–Around the Horn

Matt over at IndyCar Minnesota was kind enough to allow me to participate in the latest round of Around the Horn on his blog.  It was a lot of fun, thanks for including me, Matt!

You can read my comments (along with those of several others, including IndyCar driver Pippa Mann) at

And I’m Back!

Hello again!  So sorry for the extended quiet period.  I fully intended to post something last week after I had time to digest the AWESOME Grand Prix of St. Petersburg but then we had a freak Spring snowstorm, followed by out-of-town guests, a trip up to NJ for Easter, and a sick day.  So here I am over a week later, hoping some of those who gave this site its first 41 page views will still be around to read. 🙂

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