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Get Rid of this Track! Or not…

Hello again, fellow IndyCar fans!  I’m sure you are all surprised to see a post from me.  I’ve been very bad about posting here, and I could give you a long list of reasons why that is the case, but I won’t.  I will, however, tell you what it is that has led me to make an appearance now.  Some of you will not like this post, and that’s fine.  We are all different people with different thoughts and opinions.  As long as you remain respectful to me (even if you think my opinion is absolute garbage), I have no problem with you.  I actually enjoy hearing from people with different opinions, as life would be very boring if we all thought and felt the same way about things.  We may not change each others’ minds, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still listen.

Last night brought us the running of the Firestone 600 at Texas Motor Speedway.  I actually enjoyed the race.  There were many great battles, no crashes, many different strategies, and overall a safe, fast race.  It also helped that Marco Andretti, my favorite driver, continued his post-Indy resurgence by finishing P5 and remaining the only driver to complete every lap of every race this season.  (More about that in another blog post to come in the next few days, if life cooperates.)

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Fast is Pretty!

The aero kits are here!  For three (or is it four?) years, I’ve been listening to IndyCar fans, bloggers, media, and even critics, talk about aero kits.  For the past few months, we’ve been anticipating their release, and finally Chevrolet released their kit three weeks ago.  It was met with a great deal of scrutiny, and we awaited the release of Honda’s version.  That finally came last night.  Reaction has been mixed, but isn’t it always when it comes to IndyCar?

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Revving the Engines for 2015!

Hello out there!  I know, I fell off the face of the blogger world in the middle of last season.  I don’t really have any good excuses, and I won’t try to make any up.  But today we are less than 3 weeks from the season opener at St. Pete, it’s so warm out I had to open my windows, and things are looking up!

I promise I will be better at blogging this season, with a main reason being that I have been given the honor of being chosen to participate in IndyCar Minnesota‘s Fantasy IndyCar for this season!!  I’m excited to be included with this select group of competitors, and I hope I’m able to keep up with them.

As we get closer to the season, I have some thoughts I’ll share with you.  I’m hoping to attend 3 races this season.  The Indy 500 is definitely a go, and Mid-Ohio is all set except for buying my tickets and camping pass.  I’m also hoping to make it to Pocono, but I’m not sure that will happen.

Thanks for stopping by, and please check back soon for my pre-season thoughts!

The Craziness of May

And just like that, I look up and it’s been 15 days since I last posted.  Shame on me!  Being busy is not an excuse, but I have been insanely busy this month.  While it’s been a lot of fun, the unfortunate side effect of being so busy is I haven’t had a chance to watch a lot of IndyCar.

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It’s a Great Time to be an IndyCar Fan!

Two weeks ago, IndyCar pit spotter Patsy White tweeted this:

I love IndyCar. I have for 30 years. I’m sorry the ratings aren’t good, I’m sorry the TV package isn’t good but I still love IndyCar.

Before I continue, if you’re not following Patsy on Twitter, you’re missing out.  Stop reading right now and go follow her.  DO IT!

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It was a Dual-icious Weekend!

Yes, I went there.  Sorry.  I’ll understand if you stop reading now.  🙂

The post-Indy 500 depression had barely lifted and the IndyCars were back at it with practice and qualifying for Dual 1 on Friday, and practice/qualifying for Dual 2 on Saturday; followed of course by Dual 1 Saturday afternoon and Dual 2 Sunday afternoon.  It all seems so clear-cut now, doesn’t it?  Why were we all so confused on Friday?  (That was sarcasm, by the way, since many of you don’t know me very well just yet…)

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We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

At the beginning of this season, I read a blogger opine on whether IndyCar needs a “villain” to help drum up more interest in the sport.  I’m sorry I can’t recall who it was at the moment, if I remember I will update with a link to the post.  I remember thinking at the time that he had a point, because while I have a few drivers for whom I don’t particularly care, there isn’t really any one driver who I intensely dislike.  After today’s race I realized IndyCar doesn’t need a driver who is a villain.  IndyCar already has a villain.

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