The Craziness of May

And just like that, I look up and it’s been 15 days since I last posted.  Shame on me!  Being busy is not an excuse, but I have been insanely busy this month.  While it’s been a lot of fun, the unfortunate side effect of being so busy is I haven’t had a chance to watch a lot of IndyCar.

I didn’t get to follow much for the Inaugural Grand Prix of Indy, though I did arrive home from my niece’s First Communion party in time to see the last 15 laps of the race live.  I had been following the race on my Verizon IndyCar 14 app during the car ride home (my father was driving) and I really hope they decide to keep this one on the schedule.  It was a different way to start the month of May at Indy, and I really enjoyed it.

Like everyone, I’m very glad the injury to James Hinchcliffe wasn’t more serious.  Even though a concussion is no laughing matter, it could have been so much worse.  If you didn’t have a chance to watch Marco Andretti with Curt Cavin on Pit Pass Live, I highly recommend you go here and watch it when you have time.  Listen to Marco explaining the helmet improvements that saved Hinch from brain surgery, or something much worse.  I think it’s amazing that Hinch has already been cleared to resume driving.  Apparently he wasn’t even watching TV in an effort to promote healing.  Guess it worked!  I’m happy he’s back, especially since EJ Viso was able to turn some pretty fast laps while he was filling in as driver of the No. 27 United Fiber & Data car.

If you haven’t had a chance, visit Race with Pippa to learn about Pippa Mann’s partnership with Susan G. Komen.  It’s a pretty cool partnership, and Pippa’s firesuit, helmet, and especially the car are just plain awesome.  While you’re there, if you are able, you can make a donation to support breast cancer research.  I donated this week and though I wish I had more to give, I know no donation is too small.  If you can’t donate, consider posting the link to Facebook or Twitter and using the hashtag #PippaGoesPink.  You’ll let someone else know about Pippa’s cause this month, and maybe help raise more money for a worthy cause.

This is the first time in 3 years I will not be able to watch any of the Indy 500 qualifying.  I’m heading down to Fredericksburg, VA this weekend for the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon, and between the race expo on Saturday and the race/post-race celebration on Sunday, I won’t be in front of my TV or computer.  I’ll definitely be peeking in on my phone throughout the day, but I’m also spending the weekend with a good friend who I rarely get to see.  So I won’t have my nose buried in my phone the whole time.  I have the DVR set for both days so as soon as I return home on Sunday evening I’ll watch it all.

There is a new qualifying format this year.  I haven’t expressed an opinion on it, but I have to admit I am pretty excited to see how it plays out.  The traditionalists are up in arms about it, which is their right, but while I am a HUGE fan of tradition (my two favorite sports teams are the New York Yankees and the Penn State Nittany Lions, and if either of them tried to change their uniforms I would NOT be happy), I think this is a great change.  The past two “Bump Days” have been downright boring.  It was time to shake things up, especially since it looks like there will be exactly 33 cars trying to qualify again this year.

For an excellent breakdown of the new qualifying format, click on over to Eric‘s article at Race Review Online.  He explains it all, including the different options for Sunday, based on how many cars end up being entered to qualify.  I am really excited to see how it all plays out.  If it is horrible, well I give them credit for at least trying.  There’s no reason they can’t try something else next year.  Do I think they should change things up every year?  No, definitely not.  If this works, I hope they will keep it in place for next year.

Before I end this, I must give one more shout out to Amy over at IndyCar Mom.  She’s doing an incredible job bringing families tons of information on IndyCar!  I am not a parent but I love reading all her blog posts about families at the track.  The only way to grow the series is to get parents to bring their kids to races, and her blog helps make that possible.  I can only imagine how intimidating it can be for parents to figure out what to do with their kids during a long day at the track.  Amy and her blog help keep families up to date on what’s going on at the track during race weekend.  Not to mention all her work with the IndyCar Fan TweetUps!  Great job, Amy!!

I hope you have had a chance to follow more IndyCar this month than I have.  Oh, one more thing before I say goodbye for now.  Today, after long years of waiting for my neighborhood to be wired, I was able to have Verizon FiOS TV, internet, and phone installed in my house!  I am SO excited to be able to add more support for such a great IndyCar sponsor!!  I’ve been a Verizon Wireless customer for 20 years now and it’s great to add more of their services to my home.

I’ll fly out to Indy next Thursday morning, so if you’ll be at the track let me know here or on Twitter.  I love meeting fellow IndyCar fans!  Ciao for now!!


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