Random Thoughts on the Night Before I Fly off to Indy

So the day is almost here.  I’m heading to bed very soon and when I wake up (extra early, even for me) I’ll throw those last few things into my suitcase, load up the car, and head to the garage where I park for work every day.  The Hilton next door kindly provides a free shuttle to National Airport, and with the Army next door, my car will be safe while I’m away.  And who can resist a free ride to the airport, right?!

To say I’m excited to return to IMS is the understatement of the year.  I’d wanted to go to the Indy 500 my whole life, and last year’s experience was everything I always hoped it would be and more.  There was no question I’d be coming back again this year!

Last year everything was brand new but thanks to an auction won by my boss (who will return with me this year–we were friends before she was my boss–even though she’s primarily a NASCAR fan), we had an IndyCar contact who got us silver badges, special tours, pace car rides, free tickets, and a sweet parking pass inside Turn 4.  We didn’t even have a chance to discover the Fan Village until Saturday because he kept us so busy.  Sadly, Neale no longer works for IndyCar, but this year we are armed with our own tickets and bronze badges and a year’s worth of experience.  It’s going to be another awesome weekend.

The excitement of qualifying weekend makes me believe we’re going to see another awesome race this year.  Last year’s race kept us standing almost the whole time and I’m expecting more of the same on Sunday.  I’d be lying if I said I wanted anyone other than Marco to win, but there are so many good stories and drivers to pull for.  I would be so happy for TK if he finally pulls off the win.  If Helio gets his fourth win it would be incredible to witness history.  If one of the rookies can pull it off, I’d be thrilled for them.  If Ryan Briscoe manages to win he just might bring the house down.  Same for Pippa.

I’m looking forward to stopping by the Social Media Garage to meet some of my IndyCar Twitter friends.  It’s always an interesting situation when the people you “know” inside your computer are standing next to you in real life.  But, ya know, we’re all crazy about IndyCar so I know it will be awesome. 🙂

I am not likely to add any posts while I’m at IMS, mainly because I’m not bringing a laptop with me.  I do have the WordPress app so if something amazing happens you will be sure to hear about it.  If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll definitely read regular updates from the moment I land at IND until I take off on Tuesday afternoon.

If you see a tweet and are nearby, let me know and maybe we can say hi!  Safe travels to everyone making their way to Indy, and I’ll see ya at the Greatest Spectacle in Racing!


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