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Random Post-Indy 500 Thoughts

The next race is almost upon us already–actually the next 2 races are almost upon us already–but I still have so many thoughts floating around in my head from my 5 days at Indy.  So here they are, in no particular order.

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My Indy 500 Experience

I feel like I’m behind the curve on this, since almost all of the blogs I read have covered their Indy 500 experiences already, but I just got home from the airport at 8 PM yesterday and I was back at work today, so this is the first real chance I’ve had to sit down and write.  I have a lot to say about my time at IMS (and related topics) but for tonight I’m just going to give a semi-brief rundown of the events of my weekend.

I had another absolutely amazing five days in Indy!  I arrived on Thursday, a little late due to a plane that sat on the tarmac for no apparent reason (and with only one update from the flight crew) for over an hour, but very very excited that I was finally in Indy.  My boss was already at the airport (yes, I travel with my boss, we were friends before she was my boss–and she’s primarily a NASCAR fan but who can resist Indy?!) so we headed right to the Emerald Aisle and chose our rental car (a really cute Chevy Captiva SUV with leather seats, remote start, and XM Radio) and off we went to IMS! Continue reading

Initial Indy 500 Thoughts

Holy crap what an awesome race!  I’m watching the broadcast now at my hotel and my nerves are still on edge.  I wanted Marco to win but I couldn’t be happier for TK.  I have a lot to say about my time here at Indy Motor Speedway and I’ll write about all of it when I get home.  It’s been another incredible visit to IMS.  So many expected awesome moments and some special surprises. I can’t wait to tell you about all of them.   🙂

I’ll be home Tuesday so be on the lookout for more on Tuesday or Wednesday!

Random Thoughts on the Night Before I Fly off to Indy

So the day is almost here.  I’m heading to bed very soon and when I wake up (extra early, even for me) I’ll throw those last few things into my suitcase, load up the car, and head to the garage where I park for work every day.  The Hilton next door kindly provides a free shuttle to National Airport, and with the Army next door, my car will be safe while I’m away.  And who can resist a free ride to the airport, right?! Continue reading

I’ve Gone International!

Hello again everyone!  I’m going to write something Wednesday night–aka the night before I fly off to Indy!  But for now, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Adrian once again for the opportunity to cover Pole Day for his site, IndyCarUK.  It was a long day sitting in front of the TV and/or computers, but I had a lot of fun with it.  If you are so inclined, pay a visit to his blog and read my review here:

Indianapolis 500 Pole Day
– Sandy Lamparello

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It’s May and practice is underway at IMS!  I won’t arrive at the track for another 9 1/2 days but my brain has been there for a few days already.  The Indy 500 was the race that introduced me to IndyCar but I was never fortunate enough to attend the race until last year.  My boss, who is primarily a NASCAR fan, won an auction that gave us silver badges, tours, pace car rides, and race day tickets, garage, and pit passes.  All we had to do was get there and find a place to stay.  I had years of race experience to draw upon from my former college roommate, so to say I was excited for my first Indy 500 would be an understatement.  And the weekend did not disappoint.  From the time we arrived at IMS on Thursday until we left the Museum on Monday, every moment was amazing.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been for Marco to win the race.

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We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

At the beginning of this season, I read a blogger opine on whether IndyCar needs a “villain” to help drum up more interest in the sport.  I’m sorry I can’t recall who it was at the moment, if I remember I will update with a link to the post.  I remember thinking at the time that he had a point, because while I have a few drivers for whom I don’t particularly care, there isn’t really any one driver who I intensely dislike.  After today’s race I realized IndyCar doesn’t need a driver who is a villain.  IndyCar already has a villain.

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