And I’m Back!

Hello again!  So sorry for the extended quiet period.  I fully intended to post something last week after I had time to digest the AWESOME Grand Prix of St. Petersburg but then we had a freak Spring snowstorm, followed by out-of-town guests, a trip up to NJ for Easter, and a sick day.  So here I am over a week later, hoping some of those who gave this site its first 41 page views will still be around to read. 🙂

I must pause for a moment to reflect on my astonishing prognostication skills for the first race of the season.  (I’m never good at predicting these things so this is a minor miracle, believe me!)

On this site I predicted Helio would win, Hinch would finish second, and Simona third; and also stated I hoped Marco could find his way in there somewhere.  With a handful of laps to go I thought I had correctly predicted all of the drivers on the podium, reversing Helio and Hinch’s finish positions.  Although I am an Andretti girl and always will be, I would have been thrilled had Simona’s tires held on and allowed her to finish on the podium.  However, I was obviously beyond overjoyed that Marco found his way onto the podium.

I’m a big fan of Marco and I make no apologies for that.  However, it’s not hard to admit last season was a disaster for him.  Say what you will about him only getting a ride because of his last name, but he has talent, plain and simple.  You don’t stick around in IndyCar without talent, no matter what your last name is.  (See: AJ Foyt IV.)  Yes, Marco was prone to dramatics over the years but I give him a ton of credit for realizing he was making mistakes last season and for making an effort in the offseason to understand those mistakes and work to correct them.  It was a very different Marco who we saw during the St. Pete race weekend–before, during, and after the race.  And let’s give the guy a break, he is only 26 years old, after all.  Yes it’s early, and it was only one race, but I am excited to see what 2013 brings for Marco and all of Andretti Autosport.

I have yet to read or hear anyone who wasn’t just thrilled for James Hinchcliffe to get his first win.  I was jumping off the couch and pacing the living room (this is why it’s good that I live alone!) for the entire last stretch of the race, pulling for Hinch to stay in front.  The 1-3 Andretti Autosport finish made me cry tears of joy.  It was great to see Hinch get so much recognition for his win.  I feel this will be a breakthrough year for him and expect to see him on the podium many more times in 2013.

So it’s another race week.  This time the haulers are heading to Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama.  Testing at Barber was fast last month and all signs point to another exciting race weekend.  I wish we hadn’t had a week off between races though.  IndyCar needs to start earlier and develop a more evenly-spaced schedule.  One awesome race can’t build much momentum when the following week is quiet.  I know it was hard to avoid with Easter falling where it did this year, but there shouldn’t be big gaps in one part of the schedule (such as the entire month of September) while other parts of the schedule have race on top of race on top of race.  I hope a serious effort is made to remedy this as we move forward.

I did something during the St. Pete race that I’d never done before.  I was having trouble getting the Driver/Crew transmissions to work on my IndyCar 13 app (I blame my wireless connection, because everything else was working perfectly), so I set it to Race Control.  It was actually very interesting to see and hear the things that go on there during the race.  If you don’t have the IndyCar 13 app and you have a Verizon Android phone or an iPhone on any carrier, you’re missing out!  Go to your app store and get it.  Now!

Just a few more things before I stop rambling here.  If you’re on Twitter, you definitely need to check out the #Follow4Indy campaign.  Adrian over at IndyCarUK came up with the idea and it’s awesome!  Look for it in your Twitter feed on Wednesdays and you can read more about it here.

In addition to my amazingly accurate predictions on my own site, I somehow ended up as the only person who had a perfect score on Zachary Houghton’s Fantasy league over at IndyCar Advocate!  As the race drew to a close I knew I had chosen Marco as one of my drivers but I couldn’t remember which other Andretti driver I’d chosen, RHR or Hinch.  And I wasn’t certain I’d chosen Helio over Will Power.  But I knew there was a possibility I’d chosen all 3 drivers on the podium and it turned out I had!  I do not expect to remain in first place for very long but it’s nice to have been right for the first race.  Special thanks to my doggie, Fiona, for inspiring my team name.

I’m going to try to post again this week so until then, have a great week everyone and thanks for reading!


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